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MySeed Seed Certificates

Choose the varieties you have purchased on the menu below and enter the seed lot information to download your certificate.

The seed lot number can be found on your bag on the yellow sticker or it is also stenciled. Only enter the 9 or 10 digit number and letter combination beginning with either V or BCS. For example, V352061JG or BCS18054EP.

The information provided by this calculator is intended for use as a guide only. BASF cannot guarantee that every result given is without flaw of any kind. While BASF has taken all due care to ensure that the information provided is accurate, various factors, including planting times, soil and environmental conditions may alter the characteristics and performance of plants. The seeding rate calculations produced by this calculator are built on certain assumptions around average growing season rainfall, target plant densities and requires the user to submit their own assessment of their expected field germination rate for the seed. Field germination rates can be influenced by both environmental conditions (soil type, soil moisture, disease pressure, pest pressure, weed pressure) as well as chosen farming practices (sowing time, seed bed preparation and seeding methods). For application to specific conditions and to select a field germination rate applicable to your conditions it is recommended that you seek further advice from a local farming professional.

BASF will not be liable in any way for any errors or omissions in the information or for any injury, damage loss or other consequence whatsoever that any person may suffer as a result of use of or reliance on the products (whether BASF products or otherwise) and any information which may appear within this website or any publication relating to the MySeed Calculator. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the liability of BASF for any claim whatsoever arising out of the supply or use of or reliance on the products and information provided by this calculator (including liability for breach of any condition or warranty implied by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or any other law) is limited at BASF’s discretion, to, the replacement of product, the supply of equivalent products or the resupply of information such as this publication. For application to specific conditions, seek further advice from a local professional.