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Introducing InVigor LT and InVigor LR

The launch of the LibertyLink® trait will allow Australian canola growers to use Liberty (glufosinate) herbicide over the top for broad-spectrum in-crop weed control.

  • New herbicide MOA (Group N) not currently used in Australian broadacre cropping
  • Control weeds no longer effectively controlled by glyphosate, clethodim or triazine alone
  • Powerful new trait technology combinations in locally bred and adapted varieties
  • Greater rotation flexibility with no residue issues

We will soon be releasing InVigor hybrid varieties that not only combine LibertyLink with the popular TT and TruFlex® technologies, but also include our unique PodGuard® trait. These new multi-tech varieties will expand your weed control and resistance management options as well as giving you the harvest flexibility only PodGuard can provide.

Demo only in 2021